Our Services

What do we know?

Below are areas of expertise we can assist you in:

  • Evaluation
    • Program
    • Organizational
  • Fundraising
  • Grant Writing
  • Organizational Development
  • Staff Development
  • Technology and Media Services
  • Prevention Training
  • Treatment Training
  • Behavioral Health Training
  • Conference Planning and Online Registration

How we can help you?

Here is a detailed list of different trainings and technical assistance we can provide to you:

Evaluation Services

  • Good to Great Evaluation Services (evidence-based)
  • Multicultural Evaluation Services
  • Community Based Program Evaluation Services

Fundraising and Grant Writing Services

  • Special event planning
  • How to use technology to generate revenue, raise funds and build sustainability in your strategic plan
  • Preparation of Federal and State Funding
  • Preparation of Foundation Funding
  • Preparation of Private Funding

Multicultural Trainings / Diversity Trainings / Cultural Competence

  • African American
  • Hispanic/Latino
  • Native American
  • Asian/Pacific Islander

* Cultural competence trainings and education services including persons of mixed race heritage.

Organization Development and Strategic Planning

  • Board of Directors Development
  • Staff and Community Trainings
  • Sustainability plan
  • Long Term Development Plan (Strategic Plan)
  • Community Profile (needs assessment)

Prevention/Treatment Trainings and Education Services

  • HIV/AIDS Prevention Training
  • STD Prevention Training and Referral Services
  • Substance Abuse Prevention/Treatment Training (ATOD’s)
  • Training of Trainers
  • Violence Prevention
  • Behavioral Health Promotion/Prevention and Treatment
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Integration of Substance Abuse and Mental Health
  • Prevention and Technology

Technology & Media Services

  • How implement technology in the world of substance abuse prevention
  • Social Media Strategy Planning and Marketing
  • Technology Strategic planning
  • Web development
  • Newsletter design – Today web applications & web technologies are changing the approach of business operate across the globe. Sherays and Associates expertise in developing professional newsletters or promotional materials that transform the way you do your business.
  • Choosing the right content management system


Our leading-edge training invites our participants to explore transitional education on bullying, domestic and gang violence prevention strategies. Our approach disseminates invaluable information that illuminates all the necessary steps towards positive outcomes and lasting community changes that will effectively impact all communities.

Overall Health and Wellness

Are you interested in bringing your targeted demographic to the highest level of their excitement? We are breaking new ground with our prolific approach dealing specifically with Health and Wellness in communities around the country. Consistently researching the newest and most successful programs, grants us the opportunity to provide our participants with the training that keeps them well informed and ahead of the Wellness world with clarity and precise action planning at the forefront of all our trainings.

Integration of Substance Abuse

We provide logical techniques combining simple solutions and cutting-edge resources towards the overall progressive development of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Integration. Our goal is to arm all of our participants with the full knowledge of what works and will provide limitless, desired positive outcomes.


Whether you are looking for substance abuse or co-occurring disorder treatments, we provide pro-active/ pro-social results using our evidence-based programming, training, counseling, and implementation strategies.