About Us

SheRay’s & Associates, L.L.C. provides consulting services to non-profit, faith based, community organizations and governmental entities in developing and implementing technical assistance and training service in an innovative and practical format.

SheRay’s & Associates focus on evidence based prevention and treatment/intervention strategies which are multicultural in nature and gives the organization a unique advantage in providing the most effective strategies and programs.

SheRay’s & Associates provides these services through it well seasoned diverse professional associates and consultants with over twenty plus years of combined experience along with their national presence & exposure.

Our Corporate Values

  • Professional Integrity Belief in Community
  • Quality and Professional Service Multicultural Competency
  • Equality & Accountability Effectiveness
  • Technology Integration National Presence

Management Team

Founded in 2007 by Raylette Pickett and Sherri Smith. Together, the combined expertise of Ms. Pickett and Ms. Smith allows them to develop and implement innovative, community responsive programs for their clients.

Raylette Pickett

(214) 493-7439

Ms. Pickett began her career in the medical field as a Vocational Nurse after graduating with honors from Watterson College in 1991. Raylette is skilled at developing and implementing culturally sensitive community based programs and services. She is active in the community, with interest in working with  organizations serving inner city youth and children.

In 2005, Raylette became a consultant for the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP)Central CAPT. CSAP provides national leadership in the federal effort to prevent alcohol, tobacco and other drug problems nationwide.

In 2007, Raylette co-founded, SheRay’s & Associates, LLC with the purpose of servicing local organizations in the areas of specialized trainings, organization development and technical assistance.

Ms. Pickett is also co-owner of TTJ Group, LLC, an organization that promotes public health by collaborating with communities to create and provide innovative and culturally appropriate services on a national level.

Tracy Johnson
Managing Partner – BA

(815) 519-8572

In 2013, Tracy Johnson became Managing Partner with SheRay’s & Associates, LLC. Mr. Johnson also works with various federal, state and local agencies and corporations in developing comprehensive integrated prevention services to economically disadvantaged and African American children and families. He assists urban and inner cities communities with learning the strategic prevention framework and customizing it for their communities (e.g. Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Chicago, Columbus, and Los Angeles). He has received numerous certificates in training in prevention, as well recognized nationally for crime prevention efforts. He serves on statewide youth advocacy board developing policy on protecting our children.


To make a lasting difference in communities by partnering with non-profit, faith and community based organizations, to increase and develop each organization, community programs and services.


We listen to our customers through the use of our customized needs assessment to gain clarity of the “wants & needs” of an organization.

We then provide assessment review to our customers and if needed, offer training and technical assistance which are tailored for the organization’s need.

Our professional integrity ensures that we put our client’s interest first and foremost.

In some instances, we will recommend additional professional services that reflect our assessment of what a client needs.

We will follow through on professional and company promises to clients.

We conduct due diligence when responding to Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) to assess whether the services requested are appropriate to the needs of the non profit organizations.

We pledge that each SheRay’s & Associates employee will treat all information developed in a client relationship in a confidential manner.