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Management Team

Founded in 2007 by Raylette Pickett and Sherri Smith. Together, the combined expertise of Ms. Pickett and Ms. Smith allows them to develop and implement innovative, community responsive programs for their clients.

Raylette Pickett


Ms. Pickett began her career in the medical field as a Vocational Nurse after graduating with honors from Watterson College in 1991. Mental Health and Wellness is Raylette’s passion! She is working hard behind the scenes to change policies, advocate, and provide training to make sure individuals who have a Mental Illness have the best life! Raylette has worked in the field of Prevention, Treatment, and Mental Health in a community-based setting since 1999.  In 2005, she consulted with Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Center for the Application Prevention Technologies (CAPT) as a Master Trainer in the Central Region.

In 2007, Raylette co-founded, SheRay’s& Associates, LLC with the purpose of servicing local organizations in the areas of specialized trainings, organization development and technical assistance. Her expertise background allows her to develop and implement innovative, community responsive programs for her clients. She now oversees SheRay’s & Associates 5 locations across the country (Ohio, Louisiana, Illinois, Michigan) and corporate office located in Farmers Branch, Texas, the DFW area.

Raylette has and continues to work with minority communities across the country to ultimately have behavior change that will result in overall Healthy Communities. She is skilled at developing and implementing culturally sensitive community-based programs and services. She is active in the community, with interest in working with organizations serving inner city youth and children. Ms. Pickett is also co-owner of TTJ Group, LLC, an organization that promotes public health by collaborating with communities to create and provide innovative and culturally appropriate services on a national level

Tracy Johnson

Managing Partner

In 2013, Tracy Johnson became Managing Partner with SheRay’s & Associates, LLC. Mr. Johnson also works with various federal, state, and local agencies and corporations in developing comprehensive integrated prevention services to economically disadvantaged, and African American children and families. He assists urban and inner cities communities with learning the strategic prevention framework by customizing it for their communities (e.g., Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Chicago, Columbus, and Los Angeles). He has received numerous certificates in training in prevention, as well recognized nationally for crime prevention efforts. He serves on statewide youth advocacy board, developing policy on protecting our children.

Albert Gay

Managing Partner/ Chief of Development

Albert Gay is currently the Managing Partner, Chief of Development and a Master Trainer for SheRay’s & Associates, LLC & TTJ Group, LLC by providing services to non-profit, faith-based and community organizations and governmental entities in developing and implementing technical assistance and training services in an innovative and practical format. Since 1994, Albert Gay has been in full time ministry as a youth pastor, where he counseled urban youth in positive directions and provided them with alternative solutions to the “streets.” Albert expanded into the Prevention field in 1997 when he was employed by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Indiana as a Prevention Coordinator. He received credentials as a Certified Prevention Professional by the Indiana Association of Prevention Professionals in 1999. While attending ministry school in Florida, Albert worked as a Behavioral Specialist with troubled youth.

Albert Gay obtained his B.A. in English Arts from the historically distinguished, Hampton University in Virginia, and he obtained his Master of Science in Management from Oakland City University in Indiana. He received ministry training from Christian International’s Ministry Training College in Florida.

Tasha Wilkerson

Director of Administration & Operations

Tasha Wilkerson is the Director of Admin & Operations for SheRay’s & Associates, a professional trainer and community worker. She has over 25 years of experience in the substance abuse prevention field and has been focusing on positive youth development for many years. In addition to working with youth, she has spent many hours working with parents, other adults, and faith-based institutions to help build a safer community. Tasha Wilkerson holds an MA in Training and Instructional Design and is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Preventionist and Certified Life and Career Coach.

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