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Who We Are

SheRay’s & Associates, L.L.C. provides consulting services to non-profit, faith-based, community organizations and governmental entities in developing and implementing technical assistance and training services in an innovative and practical format.

SheRay’s & Associates focuses on evidence-based prevention and treatment/intervention strategies that are multicultural in nature and gives the organization a unique advantage in providing the most effective strategies and programs.

SheRay’s & Associates provides these services through its well-seasoned diverse professional associates and consultants with over twenty plus years of combined experience along with their national presence & exposure.

Our Corporate Values

SheRay’s and Associates, LLC believe inappropriately addressing community needs.

We believe in the importance of equal opportunity; and we serve others without regard to religious affiliation, ethnic background, or sexual orientation.

SheRay’s & Associates is committed to the advancement of an organization’s programs and direct community services.

In daily practice, we apply professional relationships and integrity, quality service, multicultural competency, accountability, effectiveness, and technology integration for a national presence.


We value connecting with people where they are by providing open communication, follow up and inclusiveness.

Integrity & Ethics

To demonstrate open communication and transparency that adheres to our Core Principles and Ethical Standards.


To provide our customers with the highest grade of services & products that
encompasses value, respect, dignity, time, and competitive prices.

Customer Services

The ability to value the costumer (staff, clients, community) and meet their needs by using a professional, customer centered, and compassionate approach.


Utilization of contemporary technical resources to provide a higher caliber of services.


Through innovation and strategic planning, we provide common sense solutions to achieve & sustain systems change, creating equity for all clients we serve.


We strive to be the world leader in supporting systems in every community to be healthy and create justice for all.


We listen to our customers using our customized needs assessment to gain clarity of the “wants & needs” of an organization.

We then provide assessment reviews to our customers and if needed, offer training and technical assistance which are tailored for the organization’s need.

  • Our professional integrity ensures that we put our client’s interest first and foremost.
  • In some instances, we will recommend additional professional services that reflect our assessment of what a client needs.
  • We will follow through on professional and company promises to clients.
  • We conduct due diligence when responding to Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) to assess whether the services requested are appropriate to the needs of the nonprofit organizations.
  • We pledge that each SheRay’s & Associates employee will treat all information developed in a client relationship in a confidential manner.
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