B. (Break the Stigma) A. (Ask for help) M. (Make the call) Behavior Health (BH)

is a SheRay’s & Associates/TTJ Group, LLC customized behavioral health prevention process which is a method to engage community members directly to impact behavior change. B.A.M BH consists of environmental and capacity building strategies to tackle any behavioral concern in the targeted area (i.e., increase in suicide, violence, opioid and other addictions, etc.). These strategies are important to use to address the identified issue of the community to make a systemic impact in the environment and with the community at large (youth, adults, and professionals). B.A.M. BH is grounded in a culturally inclusive systems thinking approach to understanding and identifying the concerns, stigmas, and barriers of the community and developing community data-driven solutions utilizing a proven strategy in collaboration with local expertise.

BAM BH Contact Info

1. Corporate Office: 469-372-2910
2. Cell: 469-883-9366
3. Email: BAMBH@sherays.com

Funding Opportunity!

There’s funding opportunity for up to 36 community and faith-based organizations within the northeast delta region (Jackson, Caldwell, East Carroll, Franklin, Lincoln, Madison, Morehouse, Ouachita, Richland, Tensas, Union, and West Carroll parishes) interested in reducing hesitancies that prevent parish members from accessing behavioral health treatment services with funding available up to $5,000. 

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JoJuan Armour discusses the importance of breaking the stigma on asking for help when dealing with mental health.

Empowering song for youth and young adults to remember that help is available when the challenges of life seem to get too heavy.

Introduction to the Baton Rouge office including the implementation BAM BH and other youth led programs.